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D54-500-010   D54-502-010   D54-504-010   D54-506-010
Micro Plugger Fig. 1   Micro Plugger Fig. 1L   Micro Plugger Fig. 1   Micro Plugger Fig. 1L
D54-510-050   D54-510-100   D54-510-150   D54-510-200
Micro Plugger Straight Fig. AR0.5   Micro Plugger Straight Fig. AR1   Micro Plugger Straight Fig. 1.5   Micro Plugger Straight Fig. AR2
D54-510-300   D54-520-050   D54-520-100   D54-520-150
Micro Plugger Straight Fig. AR3   Micro Plugger Angle Fig. AR0.5   Micro Plugger Angle Fig. AR1   Micro Plugger Angle Fig. AR1.5
D54-520-200   D54-520-300   D54-530-010   D54-550-030
Micro Plugger Angle Fig. AR2   Micro Plugger Angle Fig. AR3   Micro Plugger Glick Fig. 1   Zurich Fig. 30/40
D54-550-051   D54-600-031   D54-600-041   D54-600-051
Zurich Fig. 50/90   NITI Fig. 30 (ISO 30 Blue)   NITI Fig. 40 (ISO 40 Black)   NITI Fig. 50 (ISO 50 Yellow)
D54-600-061   D54-600-071   D54-600-081   D54-600-091
NITI Fig. 60 (ISO 60 Blue)   NITI Fig. 70 (ISO 70 Gren)   NITI Fig. 80 (ISO 80 Black)   NITI Fig. 90 (ISO 90 White)
D54-600-101   D54-600-121   D54-630-010   D54-630-020
NITI Fig. 100 (ISO 100 Yellow)   NITI Fig. 120 (ISO 120 Blue)   Fig. 1   Fig. 2
D54-630-030   D54-630-040   D54-640-010   D54-640-020
Fig. 3   Fig. 4   Luks Fig. 1   Luks Fig. 2
D54-640-030   D54-640-040        
Luks Fig. 3   Luks Fig. 4        






We present a wide range of products & sure will delight you. The prime Medical Grade Stainless Steel used is of the finest quality and rust proof.  Our products are a sure proof of highly skilled workman-ship and the state of the art technology, which we have adopted to meet the needs of our esteemed clients worldwide.  Therefore our products will retain their charm for years to come.  We also give the warranty of our products.






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